3 Tips to Boost your Teacher Mood before Class Starts 

All tried and tested by me! (Thus, No guarantees) 
1. Early Morning Workout 

Hey, I didn’t say it was easy. I have to get up at 4 to comfortably fit in a workout. (But that’s just because I like to take my time) Anyway, I’ve never left the gym regretting it. I’ve always left with more energy. 

It’s worth a try. 

2. Parking Lot Jam Sesh

You can do this at your residence, or once you park at the school. What’s a jam sesh? Back when I was in band I remember a jam sesh as a time when you just really vibe out to some music. 

It’s like meditation but instead of trying to quiet your mind, you’re trying to move that body and enjoy the music! 

This has never let me down either. Worst come to worst I do it in the mirror and end up laughing at myself. 

So make a playlist ahead of time if you need to. Get jammin! 

3. Have a Cup o’ Joe (or Tea) …amongst other adults! 

The key to this one is among other adults. Nope–not the ones that complain about kids all day. The other ones. The ones who dare not speak what they’re thinking when it comes to negative thoughts about children. 

Oh? Can’t find those people? 

Gee golly. 

What are your tips for boosting your mood before teaching ? 


Lady Learnaholic


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