Save Time and Go Home Early with this Simple Grading Tip


I sit here in the middle of grading somehow making time to blog. (This is probably why I’m so behind on grading as it is, but I digress.)

I’m sure veteran teachers across the world are familiar with and maybe already use this strategy, but us newbies sometimes learn things through trial and error. (Well, this newbie does).

So, let’s start with the problem: GRADING SUCKS.

If you don’t agree with this, stop reading. This post won’t be of value to you and  you’ll be mad at me because you’re wasting more time not grading!

If you agree on the other hand, let’s get to what often sucks about grading work (especially those of us who teach English):


a. It’s a time suck.

b. Some students could care less so thorough feedback is not always valued.

c. Point A makes Point B even MORE ANNOYING.

So, here’s one possible SOLUTION:

  1. Assign each student a number according to their last name. They are to write this name on EVERY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT.ALWAYS.
  2. Print multiple class lists on a spreadsheet with the number of each student listed next to his or her name.
  3. Use the space next to the students name to write remarks or comments on the student’s progression on the work as you walk around the room.

My  problem has been with giving students more timely feedback.  With this system, I can walk around the room with my clipboard (looking oh-so-official), and write a quick comment about how the student is doing, or even give a quick progression grade.


The key here is that all of your grades will be in ONE PLACE, and that when you go into your grade book you’re simply typing in the grade or comments you wrote.

Additionally, you can use Smart Classroom Management’s  Behavior Tracking System with this too. The key is that it’s an awesome way to keep everything in the same place.

What are some of your grading hacks?! Please, do tell.




SOURCES: Check these out; they have helped me tremendously!

Linsin, Michael at Smart Classroom Management

Wong, Harry K. and Wong, Rosemary T. over at The Classroom Management Book p.145





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